THE Austrian Dental Chamber


The Austrian Dental Chamber (Österreichische Zahnärztekammer)

Since 2006 the Austrian Dental Chamber ist the professional representation of all dental practitioners (dentists) in Austria.

All members of the Austtian Dental Chamber are corresponding to one of the nine regional dental chambers (Landeszahnärztekammern), which have mostly autonomy on finances, staff and contracts. All members of Austrian Dental Chamber are further members of the pension fund of the Landesärztekammer and are represented in their committees.

The Austrian Dental Chamber is assigned to look after and to advance the common economic, professional and social interests of its members and also cares for the protection of professional ethics and duties.

Because of this generally offical task the Austrian Dental Chamber has many responsibilities to act on the competence of her own behalf and on the transferred competence (on behalf on the state).

Organisational Structure

The Federal Assembly is the highest descision-making body of Austrian Dental Chamber. It is composed of delegates designed by the nine Landeszahnärztekammern (regional dental chambers).

The Federal Board of the Austrian Dental Chamber is composed of the Austrian Dental Chamber-President, the three Vize-Presidents and the Austrian Dental Chamber-Treasurer.

Each Landeszahnärztekammer has as its own highest decision-making body an federal state assembly, consisting of elected delegates. The federal state board of each Landeszahnärztekammer consists of the President, one or two Vice-President(s) and the Treasurer.

Austrian Dental Chamber

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Practising in Austria

- Foreign Dentists

General information

The Austrian Dental Chamber is the competent authority for the registration in the list of dental practitioners, which is necessary for being allowed to work in Austria.
Working in Austria without being registered in the list of dental practitioners or employing such persons is an administrative offence, punishable by a fine. It may also be subject to personal liability consequences under criminal and civil law.


a. Diploma acquired in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland

The Austrian Dental Chamber is the competent authority for the recognition of equivalence of a diploma for dental practitioners acquired in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland (regulated by §§ 7, 9 ZÄG and the “Zahnärzte-EWR-Qualifikationsnachweis-Verordnung 2008”).

b. Diploma acquired in a third country

  • If you have a diploma acquired outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, which has been recognized in an EEA-country and you can proof minimum three years of practice during the past 5 years in an EEA-country (other than Austria), the diploma can be recognized by the Austrian Dental Chamber.

  • If you have a diploma acquired outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, which has not been recognized in an EEA-Country or you can’t proof minimum three years of practice during the past 5 years in an EEA-country (other than Austria), you need to do the recognition process (so-called “Nostrifikation”) at one of the Medical Universities. This request should be addressed directly to one of the Medical Universities in Vienna, Graz or Innsbruck (more information and forms you can find on the internet www.meduniwien.ac.at, www.meduni-graz.at or www.i-med.ac.at).

Responsible department

Austrian Dental Chamber, Kohlmarkt 11/6, 1010 Wien, office(at)zahnaerztekammer.at and the Dental Chambers of the Federal States (“Landeszahnärztekammer”, www.zahnaerztekammer.at)


A written application has to be submitted in person.

If the requirements are fulfilled (after the recognition of diploma or after having successfully finished the “Nostrifikation), the applicant will be registered in the list of dental practitioners. Therefore the applicant must contact the Dental Chamber of that federal state where he/she wants to work (“Landeszahnärztekammer”).

The recognition process can be expected to take three month after the submission of all the required documents.

If the automatic recognition because of Directive 2005/36/EC is not possible, the recognition process can be expected to take four month after the submission of all the required documents.

Required documents

  • Application
  • Birth certificate
  • Austrian residence permit
  • In case the applicant’s name differs from the name shown on the diploma or on the certificate, a wedding or divorce certificate or any other official document proving the change of name must be submitted
  • Evidence of citizenship, valid passport or personal identification document
  • Diploma – formal qualification conforming officially recognized and successfully completed training in an EU Member State, EEA-State or in Switzerland.
  • Certificate of conformity – Directive 2005/36/EC
  • Police clearance certificate from the country of origin and “Austrian Criminal Record Certificate”, issued within the last three months.
    Please note: Police clearance certificates from Croatia and Slovenia issued by Ministry of Justice only.
  • Attestation certifying that the applicant is legally established in a Member State for the purpose of pursuing the activities concerned and that he/she is not prohibited from practising, even temporarily at the moment of delivering the attestation (Certificate of Good Standing)
  • Medical certificate (issued by an Austrian general practitioner within the last three months) confirming that the applicant fulfils  all health requirements for the profession
  • Proof of German knowledge at the level “C1” (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR)
  • Employer’s confirmation (employment contract, place of work) or address of establishment or domicile (so-called “Wohnsitzzahnarzt”)
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance according to § 26c ZÄG (minimum amount insured: 2 Mio €) with an in Austria authorised insurance company
  • 1x passport photograph
  • Social security number
  • Domicile and address for service

All documents and certificates must be submitted in the original language and German, either as an original or as an authenticated copy. Only the translations by a certified court translator are accepted.

Please note: Translations from Hungary are accepted only, if they are issued by "Orszagos Fordito es Forditashitelesitö Iroda (OFFI)"

Not authenticated copies or untranslated documents are not accepted. After processing, all original documents will be returned immediately.


€ 14,30 administration fee,
€ 14,30 fee for the dental practitioner identification card

Legal basis

§§ 7 und 9 Zahnärztegesetz – ZÄG, BGBl I 2005/126 idgF
Zahnärzte-EWR-Qualifikationsnachweis-Verordnung 2008 – ZÄ-EWRV 2008, BGBl II 2008/194 idgF

Austrian Dental Chamber
Legal Department

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Fax +43 (0) 5 05 11 - 1167

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